ActiveRecord Alpha Release


You will have already heard it: It is release season in the Castle’s domain.

The newest release is ActiveRecord 2.0 Alpha 1, recently uploaded to http://groups.google.com/group/castle-project-users/web/ActiveRecord2.0Alpha1.zip

This release includes a lot of breaking changes with regard to the last release, ActiveRecord 1.0 RC3, which is the main reason for going through a new complete release cycle starting with alpha releases.

This release includes a move from NHibernate 1.2 to NHibernate 2.1. Please make sure to read the Changes.txt and start testing early.

Bugs can be posted at donjon and last-minute-features can be suggested at UserVoice.

There is no feature freeze yet: All suggestions on UserVoice that get 15+ votes there until May 17th, will be considered for addition in Alpha 2. If no features take this hurdle, I will move forward to Beta 1.

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Pascal Lindelauf said...

Fantastic to hear that the team is moving towards an "official" stable release of ActiveRecord for NHibernate 2.1. We've been runnning successfully in production with an SVN build on top of NHibernate 2.1 for a couple of months now, but an official build certainly eases the minds of a whole lot of more people!

Is there a target date for the official release yet?