The Big Rewrite (1)

It has been a long time since my last blog post. It also has been a long time since I worked on the Castle project either. I don’t want to talk about the reasons however, but I had some ideas regarding ActiveRecord which I want to share.
My ideas have nothing to do with the current version of Castle ActiveRecord. Henry has done a great job pushing an RC out of the door, but AR’s codebase has grown over the years into a state that makes it hard to impossible keeping up with NHibernate’s features.
In the meantime, other changes took place in the world of ORMs that make most AR’s current features obsolete:
  • For NHibernate there are two independent mapping libraries allowing to work without XML. I have used confORM recently and it is a pleasure to use. Mapping with attributes is rather clumsy compared to confORM, FluentNHibernate, or NHibernate’s own mapping by code.
  • Since NHibernate 2.0 (which is a long time ago), transactions are mandatory. AR uses SessionScope and TransactionScope and a few other scope types which aren’t used widely, making AR even more complicated than naked NHibernate.
  • NHibernate has new mapping features. Honestly, I don’t know whether someone has added them to the AR codebase. The last time I tried, the visitor model used for examining the attributes drove me nuts.
  • Entity Framework has matured and while EF 4.1 is still a bit behind NHibernate, it is simpler to use than ActiveRecord.

Goals of ActiveRecord vNext

So what are the features I envision for the next AR version? You might guess them from what I don’t like in the current version:
  • ActiveRecord API (entity.Save() etc.)
  • POCO Support
  • Testability
  • A single Unit-of-Work concept.
  • Abstracting from the used ORM as much as possible reasonable.
For now, I will only highlight each of the design goals in short. I will share more on them in separate posts.

ActiveRecord API

AR vNext will concentrate on one major goal: Providing an easy to use API of the active record pattern. As a user, I want to call Save() or Find() from anywhere in my code without passing around session objects, DAOs or repositories.

POCO Support

The model should consist of plain object classes. The current AR requires inheritance for full support of the active record API. AR vNext will not even contain a base class for models. It will not require to use an attribute either. However, there is a drawback: Even with the full power of C# 4.0, implementing an empty interface is needed to streamline the experience.


Testing without database access is a must for TDD. Even the use of in-memory-databases requires initialization of the ORM which is far more problematic than getting data from an in-process-call to SQLite.
AR vNext will contain the necessary abstractions and native support for mocking and stubbing data access. Have your code use entity.Save() and fail the test if the wrong entity was saved… all without even loading the ORM’s assemblies.

Single Unit-of-Work Concept

A unit of work is mandatory unless you want to code demo apps. However, we don’t need separate concepts for web apps, service executables, GUIs and CLI programs. The single UoW must include transactions and allow both implicit and explicit usage.

Reasonable Abstractions

You might have noticed that I used ORM in the paragraphs above and not NHibernate. Well, while NH will be used and integrated as default ORM in vNext, I strive to abstract it out of the core API, so that it is possible to plug in other persistence frameworks in the future, which might be EF or RavenDB.
This abstraction will not used at any price. Don’t expect to change a configuration value to move from SQL to NoSQL or something similar. The goal is to factor out ORM-specific features in separate classes, so that you can remove the assembly references and have your compiler tell you what is required to adapt in order to use another ORM.

When can I use it?

Right now.
NuGet: Monastry.ActiveRecord-NHibernate
GIT: https://github.com/mzywitza/Monastry.ActiveRecord


Mauricio Scheffer said...

I think you meant *Henry* releasing ActiveRecord RC, not me...

Markus Zywitza said...

Thanks for pointing it out. I have changed it in the post.

a.cavalieri said...

Markus, I've used AR in the past for one of my WinForm project. I'm quite happy about AR but I don't know if I will use AR again, at least not without testing alternatives (EF for example).

Anyway I'm interesting in your project.

Markus Zywitza said...


this new version is quite different from the previous AR versions, so you might not recognize it.

It is rather an access library on top of vanilla NHibernate. If you rather want EF, but need a testable alternative to hand-coded repositories, I would be glad to hear from you. Adding an EF backend is one of the few features that is already planned though I don't need it personally currently.